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Change log Background Our company had an internal need to develop a RefProp C# interface that would enable calling the RefProp native FORTRAN methods from a Windows C# program. Discussions with the RefProp development team at NIST met with great enthusiasm and they helped guide us in the development of an open source project named IRefProp64, programs to quickly and easily call RefProp … Hi Mr. Walter, I would like to thank for your reply in matlab homepage. I really appreciate that. I would like to confirm the following procedures and questions below … we are working on the simulation of Supercritical CO2 fluid in a heat exchanger application.

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2. Go to File/Options/Trust Center/Trust Center Settings (button at bottom right). 3. Additionally, properties contained under the derivative tab include most of the common derivatives of density, pressure, temperature, and enthalpy with respect to each other. The property dp/dT [sat] is the derivative of the vapor pressure with respect to temperature. Enthalpy is the function in units of [kJ/kg]. Other functions supported by MiniRefProp include Temperature [K]; Pressure [MPa]; Density [kg m -1 ]; Volume [m 3 kg -1 ]; Quality [-]; Energy [kJ/kg] ( note: Public Function enthalpy(t, p) Dim hRef As Double: Dim sRef As Double: Dim Tref As Double: Dim pref As Double Dim nc2 As Long Dim i As Integer Dim xtemp(1 To MaxComps) As Double hmxnme = "C:\Program Files (x86)\REFPROP\Mixtures\R404A.MIX" hfmix = "C:\Program Files (x86)\REFPROP\fluids\hmx.bnc" nc2 = 0 ierr = 0 herr = "" For i = 1 To MaxComps: xtemp(i) = 0: Next hRef = 0: sRef = 0: Tref = 0: pref = 0 … Load multiple copies of the DLL in memory: You can load multiple copies of the REFPROP dll into memory with the code at https://github.com/usnistgov/REFPROP-manager; Call the REFPROP library (wrappers): Want to call REFPROP from Python, Excel, C#, Labview, etc.?

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Description. The Microsoft Excel IF function returns one value if the condition is TRUE, or another value if the condition is FALSE. The IF function is a built-in function in Excel that is categorized as a Logical Function.It can be used as a worksheet function (WS) in Excel. You can check this when refprop program runs.

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Skip to content. Undefined function 'rp_proto64' for input arguments of type 'char'.

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Which is the only current way I can get rid of it. Thanks for any advice, More information. For more information, such as supported flash types and property calculations, see the REFPROP CAPE-OPEN Property Package Manager online help.For any other questions, please contact info@amsterchem.com. Change log Background Our company had an internal need to develop a RefProp C# interface that would enable calling the RefProp native FORTRAN methods from a Windows C# program.
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AddCategoryDescription REFPROP support on OSX ¶ The refprop dylib (with the correct bitness!), as well as the fluids and mixtures folders of REFPROP should be placed in the folder refprop inside /Users/$ {USER}/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office. Make sure the shared library is called librefprop.dylib. The inputs I am using to test if it is working is: =density ("water","tp","e",62,14.7) I also notice that even when I open the add-in file (REFPROP.xls) I get the #VALUE! result for the listing of the DLL version on the Examples tab (and in many many other cells.) Perhaps this is informative about the issue. In Excel 2016, this function is replaced with FORECAST.LINEAR as part of the new Forecasting functions, but it's still available for compatibility with earlier versions.

The help file in the REFPROP graphical interface (REFPROP.exe) gives additional information on calculating properties or running macros from any spreadsheet. The REFPROP.xls file can be savedas a template file (REFPROP.xlt). This application calls the Refprop DLL directly rather than through the mex file provided in previous versions of Refprop. This release now includes the molar mass, compressibility factor, gross and net heating values, critical point properties, volumetric expansivity, and a number of other properties.
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PDF Slutrapport Etapp 1 : Energieffektiv Kyla – Effektivare

I have followed two guides (Here from GitHub and Here from NIST).I have downloaded the files: 2020-01-13 2021-01-25 VBA functions can also be called from inside Excel, just like Excel’s built-in Excel functions. Creating a Function without Arguments. To create a function you need to define the function by giving the function a name.