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'Ethiopian Birr' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. Shipping Jargon of the week - explaining what the various jargon in shipping means ETD is an abbreviation most commonly used with the meaning "Estimated Time Of Departure". This is the date and time at which a journey is expected to start. The abbreviation ETD is formally and most commonly used in the transport industry, but it is also widely used by the general public. ETA, ETB, ETC, ETD ETA, ETB, ETC, ETD. Articles (39) ETA101 Multimedia Room Guide ETA103 Multimedia Room Guide ETA104 Multtimedia Room Guide ETA107 Multimedia Room Guide ETA110 Multimedia Room Guide ETA117 Multimedia Room Guide ETA118 Multimedia Room "ETA" is a short form, its full form depends upon situation type. In terms of Procurement system & process ETA is defined as "Date and time at which an air or ship journey is expected to arrive at named city or port" ETD Vs ETA? If a supplier advises an ETD, this … Ngoài ETB, các thuật ngữ như ETC, ETA, ETD cũng được đề cập nhiều khi bạn muốn vận chuyển hàng hóa bằng đường tàu biển.

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ETA とは、 Estimated Time of Arrival という英語表現の略語で、 到着予定日/到着予定時刻 を意味します。. どちらも元々は貿易用語で、船舶や航空機での輸出入、物流の現場で使用されることが多い言葉です。.

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Answers To This Question The common acronym ETA stands for 'Estimated Time of Arrival' and ETD stands for 'Estimated Time of Departure'. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Estimated Time of Arrival) The estimated time of arrival (ETA) is the time when a ship, vehicle, aircraft, cargo, emergency service or person is expected to arrive at a certain place. Definition of ETD Estimated time of departure: The anticipated date or time that a carrier will leave the port or airport of loading. fob、cnf、cif、eta、etd 中文意思又是什麼呢? fob、cnf、cif 在貿易來說都是指買、賣雙方的責任、費用承擔等,eta、etd 則是會用在出貨與貨物抵達時,下面會更深入介紹 fob、cnf、cif、eta、etd 的中文意思與含意。 E.T.A. / ETA (Estimated / Expected Time of Arrival) – expected date of ship’s entry into port, abbreviation used in the ship timetables; E.T.D. / ETD (Estimated / Expected Time of Departure) – expected date of ship’s departure from port.

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2. Noon Report. 13 Des 2018 Apa itu STA, STD, ETA, ETD, ATA, ATD Dalam dunia penerbangan. STA adalah Standard Terminal Arrival Route; STD adalah Standard; ETA  ETD (Estimated Time of Delivery)則是指貨品預計送出的時間。 ETD一般指貨品從 售貨當地出發的時間。有些人以為ETD與裝船日期(on board date)應該是一樣的  ETA是预计到港时间吗? ETC是什么意思? Get ETB full form and full name in details. Visit to know long meaning of ETB acronym and abbreviations. It is one  Specification: Brand new Model: ETA ETB ETD ETS ETT High strength and hardness. Easy to use.
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Enjoy track and trace function connected with over 300 airlines & shipping lines. ETA = Estimate Time of Arrival The ETD is when the shipment will “leave”. The ETA is when the shipment will “arrive”. On purchase orders the shipping dates can be written in a few ways. ETA is an acronym for Estimated Time of Arrival, which means estimated arrival time and estimated arrival time.

ETS / ETD (от Estimated Time of Sailing/Departure)  19 май 2013 ETA – established (expected, estimated) time of arrival. Расчетное ( предполагаемое) время прихода. ETD- established ( expected, estimated) time of departure.
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E. EC. EIU. ELVENT. ETA. ETC. ETD. ETS. EXW. East Coast. 15 Aug 2017 Port / ETA / ETB / ETD / Remark, it is not that simple. It is straightforward and easy to understand the facts when the vessel is arriving, berthing,  ABOVE MEAN SEA LEVEL. AMT. AMOUNT EUROPEAN SEA PORTS ORGANISATION. ETA · ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL.